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Recently the update schedule has been a little hectic. So adding some new excuses to my list.

+ Sometimes real life eats up your time and you can't dedicate yourself to the comic. This will happen but I promise it won't surpass the rough updates times by 5-8 days
+ Sometimes real life eats everything up and you FORGET you haven't updated. Yes, it happens that I've had pages scanned and ready to post but I FORGOT/ thought I had posted them when I hadn't. Stone me for that. This should be fixed as soon as I realize I haven't updated. Rarely happens but it happened twice already so the cause exists
+ Something scheduled comes up that prevents either the creative part or the actual updating. (exam session, projects deadline, trips). These I know of in time and I'll be posting about them. Depending on the duration and importance of the event I might not update for 2-4months.
Happened before and might very well happen again.

So yeah, I'm frank about this. I TRY and stick to my deadlines because I face deadlines daily in my field of work (architecture)and I know of their importance. Also I know of the unpredictability of life when it comes down to a hobby. A hobby has to adapt to whatever school+job+real life in general throws at it.

And for those that wonder after a 5months hiatus 'Has the author ditched this one?'People, I'll have the decency to let you know when I'm done with a comic because I got bored of it or because of other reasons.

And, in the end. There's going to be a 4-6days delay in the next update due to a trip I'm taking - professional interests of course.

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