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I've had it for quite a time now, even before the smackjeeves account was created. I used to post the pages there and use a lightbox javascript for navigation. However at some point the script worked no more and I switched to smackjeeves at the advice of a friend of mine.

I'm planning to revive the blog and post there concept sketches, character profiles, penciled pages (so you can all see the messy pencilwork I do), in one word whatever partially finished artwork that doesn't make it on the finished pages. The update rate will mostl-likely be the same as the pages update rate here.


Also I wanted to ask if there would be too much confusion if there were 2 stories updating at the same time for a while (well not at the same time but rather alternating)? I'm asking this because Fisherman for Dinner is coming to an end (in about 35 pages or so)and I'm working on a winter-themed story (yes, I work 2 stories at the same time...sometimes it helps with storyblocks)which I'd love to see it up and running before Xmas. They would be sorted in their respective folders in the archive and all, just the updating would be screwed.

I asked because I have my doubts such a thing would be normal/possible in the course of the same comic updating on smackjeeves.

thank you in advance for the feedback/input on this.

posted by raluca-z @ November 21st, 2010, 3:57 pm  -  0 Comments

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