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Collector of Fairytales is rocking in ITS native language - aka Romanian (for those watching that know it). http://mangazup.com/colectionarul-de-basme Here you can read it online.

I'm working on translating from English to Romanian the previous stories and hope to have at least Fairies Dance and Water Rites up before the end of 2010. This is by no means easy, because I have to translate the SFX too and try and keep the tone particular to the period the action is taking place. Honestly, now the Collector makes so much more sense in Romanian than in English.

My goal is to have the series up to date both in English and in Romanian.

Also there is this review in Romanian on a local manga site on Collector of Fairytales.http://miauti.blogspot.com/2010/12/collector-of-fairytales.html

Also for the ones that want to watch updates and misc tweets about the series I've put up a tweeter account. http://twitter.com/CoFairytales

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