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Some changes

First I changed the layout and I'm probably going to change the banner too because I'm celebrating - together with my 200+ fans.

the 2nd anniversary of the series!!!

Secondly I'm going to change the update schedule for a couple of months, until the current story ends. So from a 2 pages every 10 days to a page per week. Overall that might not be much of a change but it will assure a steady continuos page flow until the grand finale (until page 103)

So, many good news, but probably the best is that I managed to finish drawing the story to the end - no need to fret that this story is going to be without an end. (Frankly I did worry at some points over this year that I might not be able to produce a decent ending for it.)

Other than this - the upcoming update - on the 31st is going to feature some extra drawings probably some character sketches.

Then from February 1 page every Saturday.

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