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The missed update-take2

I appologize to my readers for my second missed update the last week. I've been working hard to finish drawing the entire story "Shadows" as to get it over before Xmas. I'm 2 pages short of the actual ending and that's good news, because it seldom happens for me to draw 6 pages in a weekend.

On another note, this is another reason why I have little time to ink and work on my comic. I'm judging for this local manga competition and there are 19 entries of 15 pages each up and just 2 weeks to judge them. It's pretty hard because judges are asked to write between 200-500 words critique on each and every piece on top of ranking them on certain criterias. Public voting is open however it's also a very strict process, not like the SJ Awards here.


Here are the entries, some of them are in english so you can read them if you feel like it. Some have pretty good grafics so you can just watch them if you don't get the text or action.

posted by raluca-z @ September 23rd, 2011, 3:17 pm  -  0 Comments

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