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New story updates- the Storyteller

The new 2012 story has already begun updating. I decided to keep with the 2 pages per week update on Sundays as it suits me well at this time.

As you might has noticed the reading direction has changed from right-to-left to left-to-right, western style. Hope this doesn't create confusion. At some key point during this story the reading will switch back to right-to-left. This cumbersome trick will hopefully work in the event that the series is printed in a clever way, making the reader smoothly adjust to the transition between the two directions. If this fails, i've successfully created the best way to confuse readers.

This month on the 31st Collector of Fairytales is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and second one on smackjeeves. So probably i'll be doing an illustration to celebrate that.

What I have in store fore 2012 for the series:
+ submit it to topwebcomics so readers can vote for it
+ finish all stories that make up volume 1 (estimated at 350-400 pages).

Hope more readers will follow the series as i try to make it more interesting.

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