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Collector of Fairytales on MangaMagazine.net


Collector of Fairytales is up available for reading on MangaMagazine.net also, starting today. For a while the story will unfold on both smackjeeves and mangamagazine at the same update rate.

I won't take down pages from smackjeeves if they are not yet available on mangamagazine and not until the story is finished. As some of you might know if CoF gets a lot of fans on mangamagazine it may become featured which is the first step towards being selected to become part of the mangamagazine team members series.

The difference on the long run would be the order in which the stories will be featured. I started updating on mangamagazine the Storyteller which is designed more as a prologue story, while here the series starts with Fairies' Dance.

Overall it doesn't really matter which story you start reading the series with since they are stand alone, however some things will be better explained (hopefully) in the mangamagazine upload order, which would also be the chronological order and the order in which the stories would be featured in a future print form.

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